How you can help!

Volunteer! Donate! Raise Awareness!

How You Can Help Us!

Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative SCCWI is funded entirely by voluntary donations and gifts from philanthropists and our kind benefactors. It is a constant challenge raising funds to carry on and, hopefully, to expand our mission. The situation of street children in Lagos is dire. There are no accurate statistics, but estimates of the number of vulnerable children, homeless and living in poverty and at risk on the streets of this great city, are in the tens of thousands. You can support us in a variety of ways:

How You Can Support Us!


Raise Funds/Raise Awareness


Make a financial donation (by cheque in the name of “Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative” or cash delivered to our head office; or online, through the “donate” link on this website; or commit to a regular, monthly contribution by direct debit). All donations will be acknowledged and receipted. 

Give a book, goods or services: We need food, clothes, books, diesel for running our generators, transport, office equipment and much, much more.

Join us as members to raise funds in support of this cause as well as participation in our activities which is even more valuable.

We particularly need volunteers with backgrounds in social work, child psychology, teaching, nursing or medicine. We also value volunteers that can provide vocational training, teach arts and crafts or run other extra-curricular activities, organize games and recreation, or who are willing simply to interact with the children and pass on some of their wisdom, advice or learning to help them develop basic life skills. If you are such a person, please contact us on

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Fiscal Responsibility

SCCWI is a Not-for-profit Organization responsible for the support of street children. The donations and sponsorships are used for the benefit of the children and for the day to day running of the centre. SCCWI is guided by a Mission, Organizational Values and a Strategic Plan. The organization is committed to Fiscal Responsibility and therefore an external audit is done on an annual basis by world Renown audit firm Howarth Dafinone. To receive a copy of our financial statement and annual report, please click on link…