Our Top Mission…

is to help as many children as possible to a better life.

How we help

Street Outreach/Rescue Mission

The SCCWI Team usually embarks on series of periodical Street Outreach across Lagos State metropolis. The primary aim of doing this is to reach out to the homeless children of the street about what we do and to see how we can extend our care; shelter and protection services to them. During this outreach, we give support to these children in form of individual and group psycho-social counseling until we notice one or two or more are willing and ready to be part of our centre programs and activities particularly those who are genuinely homeless. At a given direct spot, this outreach could go on and on for a period of five or six weeks respectively. Some children are also rescued from the streets and taken to their various homes.

Child Changing Initiative (CCI)

A mentorship/ counseling clinic for children. CCI address different issues that children face at home even before they hit the streets. It is a more of a preventive initiative.

The Environment And Me (TEAM)

This is one of our community based project which give us the opportunity to reach out and collaborate with our immediate community members and LAWMA. It kicked off on the 25th of April 2015, the world malaria day. Its every last Saturday of each month such that, we do engage in thorough environmental sanitation of all the 19 streets that made up our immediate community (Okobiriki) of service. Our focuses here is to inculcate a community service culture in  volunteering youths of different age bracket as a means of behavioral change and to maintain optimum hygienic environment that would be free from communicable diseases and every other environmental associated problems.

Raising Young Leaders Initiative (RYLI)

This is a leadership training workshop for students in Senior Secondary School. To help them discover their potentials especially as it relates to leadership. We bank on the Usual saying of “Catching them young’’

What We Have Achieved!

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